Join us and become an environmental awareness route for your community and the world.
Using art and photography to create
awareness and effect change.
Follow us as we develop multiple projects
in several different areas.

We are looking for a solution to reduce the impact of waste on the beaches of America and the world.

Finding the balance of earth’s life, to encourage a lifestyle that promotes sport, culture and education for future generations, to maintain the coasts and beaches, one of the most valuable assets we have.

Cleaning beaches is rooted in our passion for nature. Our actions are for the health, and preservation of what we love the most, the beach is a public place that brings happiness to anyone that visits. We want to bring awareness to the coastal communities in order to enact change in the manner in which we discard trash because the majority of litter found in the oceans and beaches comes from the land.

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The Problem in Numbers

Millions of tons of waste produced each year worldwide.
0 %
All the waste generated in the world ends up in the oceans.
0 mil
Tons of garbage floating on the ocean surface.

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