Our Route

Together WE are the ROUTE to a cleaner world

Our biggest goal, through clean ups and environmental awareness, is to keep beaches cleaner.

Finding the balance of earth’s life, to encourage a lifestyle that promotes sport, culture and education for future generations, to maintain the coasts and beaches, one of the most valuable assets we have.

In February of 2017 RouteUSA co-founder, Adam Cole Barber, traveled from California to Brazil to visit friend and co-founder, Rubem Miranda. Their goal was to learn how to create and run a successful Brazilian NGO from the founders of Projeto Route, surfers  and ocean enthusiasts Simao Fillipe and Marcio Gerba.

The pair founded Projeto Route in Brazil in 2011 and have since developed 11 projects in different areas, held over 100 actions hosting over 5,000 volunteers.

Projeto Route is internationally recognized and supported by the United Nations, Surfrider Foundation, Ocean Conservancy and many more prestigious organizations and universities. The torch was passed to Adam and Ruben and the RouteUSA project was officially born May, 2017 in San Diego, California.

800 volunteers in one event (the beach of Guarda do Embaú, SC, Brazil)

RouteUSA will be dedicating all the plastics they collect from beach cleans to the idea of the Art Route. This idea is the action of up-cycling marine litter into works of art and compelling photography. This will breathe new life into the trash, giving it a new purpose.

In this age our greatest tool for communication comes from visual arts. A talented team of volunteer surfers, environmentalists, and artists have donated their time and skills to this belief.

Through the medium of visual arts we will create a greater impact on awareness and reach a broad audience with rich educational and entertaining content.

Photo: Adam Cole Barber
Photo: Adam Cole Barber

What we do is based on our passion for nature. Our actions are for the health, and preservation of what we love the most, the beach is a public place that brings happiness to anyone that visits.

We want to bring awareness to the coastal communities in order to enact change in the manner in which we discard trash. 80% of litter found in the oceans and on the beaches comes from the land. Therefore, we work to keep our oceans, beaches, fish, turtles, whales, dolphins, sea lions, jellyfish, preserved for our future generations, and us to enjoy.

Our Team

USA Team

Adam Cole Barber
General Director

Rubem Miranda

Anne Johnson

Consulting Board:

Rodrigo Bellagio

Pedro Guedes
Environmental Lawyer

Alison Melzi

Brazil Team

Simao Filippe da Costa
General Director

Marcio Gerba
Director Institutional

Rafael Roza
Director of Communication


Tony Vieira


“Holy NATURE, full of grace;
We are friends, united by race;
Together we bring a current of thoughts;
Changing what is ahead of us;
For a better world;
We make our project worth;
And the route we created;
Will always be followed.”