Ocean Education – Chula Vista Hills Elementary


What a fun day! The Route Team recently presented our Ocean Education program at a local San Diego Elementary School. This program is designed to teach kids about the effects of plastic pollution in the oceans and on the beaches of their community and the world. We are also heavily focused on teaching proper waste disposal habits. This is of great importance because 80% of marine debris comes from land based sources, improper waste disposal being a huge factor. Physical examples of marine litter are paired with impactful imagery from San Diego and around the world.

Our favorite part of the program is after the presentation. We have the kids create sea monsters from the plastics we’ve collected during our beach clean-ups. These kids were so stoked on this portion. There was so much chatter and excitement between them as they paired up and began creating their monsters. We were proud of their interest, excitement and interaction. They were even more stoked when they learned they could take their sea monsters home with them if they liked. One little girl actually jumped up and down with joy when she learned this.


This group of kids is part of the GATE program (gifted and talented) and they had some awesome questions and comments. Our favorite was the suggestion to shoot our garbage into space which sparked an internal debate about gravity and cost and it was hilarious! Way to think outside the box, guys! And good luck on your own school sponsored beach clean-up in Imperial Beach this weekend.


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In February of 2017 RouteUSA co-founder, Adam Cole Barber, traveled from California to Brazil to visit friend and co-founder, Rubem Miranda. Our goal was to learn how to create and run a successful NGO from the founders of Projeto Route, Simao Fillipe and Marcio Gerba.