Sunset Cliffs – Point Loma, California


Sunset Cliffs, wow, a very special jewel in the crown of San Diego. This beachside oasis has it all; cliffs, old rum-runner caves, tide-pools, sealife and birds of every kind. longboards waves that ride for days, private beaches, amazing hikes and the list goes on. But, one thing continues to scar the face of this truly breathtaking area. Trash. Trash left by us. Yes, us. People are to blame for the trash that we ALWAYS find when we visit Sunset Cliffs. The beaches are very private and have no lifeguards and no authority, it’s special for that very reason. And with all freedoms, some will abuse that freedom. It’s common to find beer cans and bottles alongside broken coolers and scattered cigarettes, with empty clear plastic bags that once held 20 lbs. of ice. Oftentimes we’ll find shoes and discarded clothes. Typical aftermath of a good time party. Please, enjoy the beach, we know we do. Just pack in what you pack out.

Trash Collected:

  • Beer cans 11
  • Sunny D Bottles 17
  • Cigarette Butts 34
  • Broken Styrofoam Cooler
  • Empty Ice Bags
  • Bottle Caps
  • Random plastic wrapping

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